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Welcome to Youth Group Stuff. This site is dedicated to sharing the stories of people actually working in youth ministry. You won't see studies and the opinions of experts. You will read first hand how your peers are following God's call to serve.

Creating a Blog Part 3 · 2896 days ago

In part three of this series we take a look at how to add email subscriptions to your blog.


Creating a Blog Part 2 · 2896 days ago

This is a continuation of Part 1. You can view it right here, remember if I go to fast you can always pause it.


Transformational Youth Ministry · 2898 days ago

I gave another talk at Gathering in the East about Transformational ministry. It is actually one of the things this site is about.


Creating a Blog Part 1 · 2899 days ago

A screen cast of the first part of me presentation on how to create a blog for your youth group website.


Knowing God's Love - Part 5 of 5 · 3047 days ago

In our worship, we were asked if we were insane or did we just love youth? The answer to both is YES!! It is insane to be here but God asks and I answer. I love being with the youth and interacting with them. I believe it makes a difference for the youth to know that people are willing to support them and care about them.

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